class geopandas.GeoDataFrame(*args, **kwargs)

A GeoDataFrame object is a pandas.DataFrame that has a column with geometry. In addition to the standard DataFrame constructor arguments, GeoDataFrame also accepts the following keyword arguments:

crsvalue (optional)

Coordinate Reference System of the geometry objects. Can be anything accepted by pyproj.CRS.from_user_input(), such as an authority string (eg “EPSG:4326”) or a WKT string.

geometrystr or array (optional)

If str, column to use as geometry. If array, will be set as ‘geometry’ column on GeoDataFrame.


Constructing GeoDataFrame from a dictionary.

>>> from shapely.geometry import Point
>>> d = {'col1': ['name1', 'name2'], 'geometry': [Point(1, 2), Point(2, 1)]}
>>> gdf = geopandas.GeoDataFrame(d, crs="EPSG:4326")
>>> gdf
    col1                 geometry
0  name1  POINT (1.00000 2.00000)
1  name2  POINT (2.00000 1.00000)

Notice that the inferred dtype of ‘geometry’ columns is geometry.

>>> gdf.dtypes
col1          object
geometry    geometry
dtype: object